Who Are the Miami Dolphins' Biggest Fans

Orange Enthusiasts

Dedicated fans who passionately embrace the Dolphins' distinctive aqua and orange color scheme, showcasing team pride in their attire and accessories.

Miami Residents

Local Miamians, proud of their city and deeply connected to the team, form a substantial portion of the Dolphins' fanbase.

Marino Devotees

Fans who became enamored with the Dolphins during the Dan Marino era, appreciating his legendary career and remaining loyal supporters.

Season Aficionados

Enthusiasts who celebrate the Dolphins' historic perfect season in 1972, considering it a defining moment in the team's legacy.


Younger generations of fans, inheriting their allegiance from family or discovering the team's charm independently, continue the Dolphins' legacy.

Shula's Admirers

Fans who revere Don Shula's coaching legacy, appreciating his impact on the team's success and the NFL as a whole.

Tailgating Enthusiasts

Devoted tailgaters who turn game days into vibrant celebrations, contributing to the lively atmosphere at Hard Rock Stadium.

Football Followers

Fantasy football players who have a soft spot for Dolphins players on their roster, fostering a unique connection to the team.

Social Media

Active on social media platforms, these fans engage in online discussions, sharing their passion and connecting with the broader Dolphins community.