Who Are the Biggest Fans of LSU Football

Students and Alumni

LSU's biggest fans are undoubtedly the students and alumni who form the core of the Tiger faithful, passionately supporting their alma mater.

Louisiana Locals

Residents of Louisiana, particularly those in Baton Rouge, are avid supporters, with LSU football deeply ingrained in the state's culture.

Tiger Band

The Tiger Band, known for its spirited performances, comprises dedicated fans who contribute to the vibrant game-day atmosphere.

Season Ticket

Devoted season ticket holders demonstrate unwavering support, attending home games consistently and adding to the stadium's roaring energy.


LSU's tailgating community is a force of its own, with fans creating a lively and communal atmosphere before every game.

Former Players

Many former LSU football players remain fervent supporters, continuing their allegiance and contributing to the program's legacy.

Celebrity Fans

LSU football has garnered celebrity fans, with notable figures expressing their support for the Tigers on various platforms.

Social Media

Fans across social media platforms play a significant role, amplifying the team's reach and engaging in discussions about LSU football.

Younger Generations

The younger generations of fans, including students and new supporters, bring fresh energy and enthusiasm to the LSU football community.