Where Can You Find the Best Dogs to Walk

Local Animal Shelters

One of the best places to find dogs to walk is your local animal shelter. These facilities are often filled with dogs in need of exercise

Dog Walking Apps

Several mobile apps connect dog owners with reliable dog walkers. Platforms like Rover and Wag allow you to browse through available dogs

Bulletin Boards

Check community bulletin boards or online forums where pet owners may seek assistance with dog walking.

Pet-Friendly Parks

Visit pet-friendly parks where dog owners gather. You can offer your dog walking services to those who may be too busy or unable to take their dogs out for a stroll.

Senior Living Facilities

Many seniors have dogs but may require assistance with daily walks. Contact local senior living facilities or retirement communities

Dog Training Classes

Attend dog training classes in your area. Dog owners there may appreciate an extra hand in exercising their dogs, providing an opportunity for you to offer your services.

Pet Events and Meetups

Attend pet events or meetups in your community. These gatherings attract dog owners looking for socialization opportunities

Social Media Groups

Join local pet-related groups on social media platforms. Many pet owners seek dog walkers through these groups, and it's an excellent

Veterinary Clinics

Contact local veterinary clinics and inquire about posting flyers or offering your dog walking services to their clients.