Top 10 Songs by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Home Alabama

A Southern anthem responding to Neil Young, this hit captures the spirit of Lynyrd Skynyrd's home state.

Free Bird

Known for its legendary guitar solos, "Free Bird" remains a symbol of the band's musical prowess.

Simple Man

A heartfelt ballad offering life advice, showcasing Lynyrd Skynyrd's versatility beyond high-energy rock.


A humorous tale of a barroom encounter, demonstrating the band's storytelling prowess.

That Smell

A pre-crash warning about substance abuse, reflecting the band's struggles during turbulent times.

Tuesday's Gone

A melodic track showcasing Lynyrd Skynyrd's softer side, notable for its rich instrumentation.

Ballad of Curtis

A tribute to a fictional bluesman, this song highlights the band's admiration for Southern musical traditions.

Ain't the One

A rock and blues-infused track, emphasizing Lynyrd Skynyrd's ability to blend various genres seamlessly.

Saturday Night

Addressing the issue of gun control, this song stands out for its socially conscious lyrics.