Top 10 Iconic Songs of Billie Joe Armstrong

Basket Case 

"Basket Case" from Green Day's "Dookie" album became a defining anthem of the '90s punk rock scene, showcasing Billie Joe Armstrong's.

American Idiot

The title track of the "American Idiot" album, this politically charged anthem is a punk rock masterpiece, reflective of Armstrong's social commentary.

Good Riddance

A departure from Green Day's punk sound, this acoustic ballad is a sentimental classic, demonstrating Armstrong's versatility.


Known for its catchy bassline, "Longview" was a breakout hit, showcasing Armstrong's ability to create infectious punk melodies.

Broken Dreams

A Grammy-winning hit from "American Idiot," this poignant ballad captures Armstrong's introspective lyricism and musical depth.

When I Come

Another hit from the "Dookie" era, this song exemplifies Armstrong's knack for crafting memorable hooks and melodies.


"Minority" is a fast-paced punk anthem with socially charged lyrics, highlighting Armstrong's ability to fuse energy.

21 Guns

Featured in the "21st Century Breakdown" album, this emotionally charged ballad showcases Armstrong's evolution as a songwriter.

Jason Andrew Relva

Featured in the "Angus" soundtrack, this hidden gem is a testament to Armstrong's skill in creating powerful yet underappreciated tracks.