Top 10 Fascinating Things to know about Gil de Ferran.


Before racing, Gil de Ferran showcased his multi-talented nature by excelling in various sports, including tennis and windsurfing.

Engineering Education

De Ferran holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, showcasing his academic prowess and technical understanding of racing machinery.

Astronomy Enthusiast

Beyond racing, de Ferran has a keen interest in astronomy, highlighting a diverse range of passions outside the motorsports world.

Portuguese Heritage

Though born in France, de Ferran embraces his Portuguese heritage, and his family moved to Brazil when he was a child.

IndyCar Dominance

His back-to-back IndyCar championships in 2000 and 2001 solidified de Ferran's dominance in American open-wheel racing.

Fastest Lap at

In 2003, de Ferran set the fastest lap in the history of the Indianapolis 500 during his victorious race.

Le Mans 24 Hours

Gil de Ferran achieved success at the iconic Le Mans 24 Hours, winning in the LMP2 class in 2009 with Acura.

Team Ownership

Post-retirement, de Ferran transitioned to team ownership and management, showcasing his prowess in leading teams to success.

Mentorship Role

Known for his mentorship role, de Ferran actively guides and supports young talents, contributing to the development of the next generation of racers.

Road Safety 

Outside of racing, de Ferran is involved in road safety advocacy, emphasizing the importance of safe driving practices on public roads.