Top 10 Facts About the Times Square Ball Drop

Inaugural Celebration

The Times Square Ball Drop tradition began in 1907 as a New Year's Eve celebration hosted by The New York Times, commemorating the opening of their new headquarters.

Wood Ball

The first Ball was a 700-pound iron and wood sphere adorned with 100 light bulbs, lowered to signal the beginning of 1908.

Evolution of Materials

Over the years, the Ball has undergone several transformations, with materials ranging from iron and wood to aluminum, and its iconic crystal exterior introduced in 1999.

Crystal Design

The current Ball, designed by Waterford Crystal, boasts over 2,600 crystal triangles, illuminated by LED lights, and weighs nearly 12,000 pounds.

Annual Theme

a specific theme. Recent themes have included "The Gift of Harmony" and "Gift of Happiness," infusing artistic and cultural elements into the design.


Since 2009, the Ball has featured energy-efficient LED lighting, aligning with sustainability efforts to reduce its environmental impact.

Countdown Mechanism

The Ball descends a 70-foot flagpole in 60 seconds, reaching the bottom precisely at midnight, marking the start of the new year.

Global Broadcast

The event attracts over a billion viewers worldwide, making it one of the most-watched New Year's Eve celebrations globally.


The numerals on the Times Square sign are changed manually to reflect the upcoming year, a process that has become a symbolic part of the celebration.