Top 10 Anna Sui Perfumes for Every Mood.

Flight of Fancy

Embrace playfulness with the fruity and floral notes of "Flight of Fancy," perfect for carefree and joyful moments.

Bohemian Vibes

Channel your inner free spirit with the bohemian allure of "La Vie de Bohème," featuring a harmonious blend of fruits and florals.


Indulge in timeless romance with the romantic scent of "Romantica," where citrus, floral, and woodsy notes come together in a passionate composition.

Fairy Dance

ransport yourself to a whimsical realm with the sweet and fruity composition of "Fairy Dance," perfect for enchanting evenings.

Secret Wish

Embrace mystery and intrigue with "Secret Wish," a playful mix of fruits, florals, and vanilla that captivates the senses.

Dreamy Reveries

Drift into dreamy reveries with the oriental allure of "Sui Dreams," featuring vanilla, florals, and musky notes in a soothing blend.

Seductive Nights

Experience a seductive allure with "Forbidden Affair," where fruits, florals, and woody elements come together in a composition of forbidden charm.

Rock Me

Infuse energy into your moments with the vibrant and fruity notes of "Rock Me!," capturing the spirit of lively spontaneity.

Lucky Wish

Radiate positivity and good fortune with "Lucky Wish," blending citrus, florals, and warm woody notes for a charming and uplifting aura.

Fantasia Mermaid

Dive into mystical realms with "Fantasia Mermaid," featuring aquatic and ethereal notes that evoke the enchantment of underwater fantasies.