Top 10 Anna Sui Fragrances You Need to Try in 2023.

Fantasia Mermaid

Dive into a mystical ocean of scent with Fantasia Mermaid, a 2023 must-try featuring aquatic notes, florals, and a touch of whimsy.

La Nuit de Bohème

Experience the allure of the night with La Nuit de Bohème, a captivating fragrance blending rich florals, dark woods, and a hint of spice.


Reach new olfactory heights with Skyline, a 2023 release boasting fresh and citrusy notes, embodying the spirit of urban elegance.

Lucky Wish

Embrace positivity with Lucky Wish 2023 Edition, a vibrant fragrance featuring fruity and uplifting accords for an optimistic aura.

Secret Wish Wonderland

Explore the enchantment of Secret Wish Wonderland, a fragrance that captures the magic of a whimsical garden with floral and fruity notes.

Rock Me! Electric Night

Amp up your evenings with Rock Me! Electric Night, a bold fragrance blending vibrant fruits, florals, and a touch of rock 'n roll edge.

Romantica Exotica

Transport yourself to exotic landscapes with Romantica Exotica 2023, a fragrance that marries tropical blooms with sensuous warmth.

Fairy Dance Secret

Step into a fairy-tale realm with Fairy Dance Secret Wish 2023 Edition, a captivating blend of sweet florals and magical notes.

Flight of Fancy 

Soar into a world of possibilities with Flight of Fancy 2023, featuring a lively mix of fruits and florals for an uplifting experience.

Forbidden Affair

 Indulge in the forbidden allure of Forbidden Affair 2023, a fragrance that combines dark berries, florals, and a hint of mysterious intrigue.