Tom Wilkinson's Awards and Accolades: Celebrating Excellence


Explore Tom Wilkinson's remarkable career, beginning with an overview of his distinguished achievements and contributions to the film industry.


Delve into Wilkinson's journey at the Oscars and the Academy Awards, celebrating the moments when he earned acclaim from these prestigious institutions.

Globe Triumphs

Uncover Wilkinson's successes at the Golden Globes, highlighting the films and performances.

BAFTA Excellence

Examine the British Academy Film Awards, where Wilkinson's excellence in acting has been acknowledged by the UK film industry.

Awards Excellence

Explore Wilkinson's ventures in television, recognizing his Emmy Awards achievements and contributions to the small screen.

SAG Accolades

Investigate the Screen Actors Guild Awards, showcasing Wilkinson's recognition by his peers in the acting community.

Festival Recognition

Analyze Wilkinson's presence at the Cannes Film Festival, a platform where his exceptional talent has shone on the international stage.

Choice Honors

Discover how Wilkinson has been honored by critics, examining his achievements at the Critic's Choice Movie Awards.

AACTA Awards

Acknowledge Wilkinson's impact in Australia, exploring any accolades received at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards.