Times Square Ball Drop: History, Traditions, and Fun Facts for the 2024 Celebration

Inaugural Celebration

The Times Square Ball Drop tradition began in 1907, when a 700-pound iron and wood ball descended to signal the start of 1908.

Evolution of the Ball

Over the years, the ball has undergone various transformations. The current version, introduced in 2008, features over 32,000 LED lights, creating a dazzling display.

Global Symbol

The Times Square Ball has become a global symbol of New Year's Eve, watched by millions around the world.

Yearly Theme

Each year, the ball drop features a unique theme, with the design reflecting current events, popular culture, or technological advancements.

Traditional Countdown

The countdown to midnight is a quintessential part of the celebration, uniting revelers in anticipation and excitement.

Confetti Extravaganza

At the stroke of midnight, Times Square becomes a confetti-filled wonderland as thousands of pieces of colorful confetti cascade upon the cheering crowd.


The New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square includes star-studded performances, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Global TV Broadcast

Broadcast globally, the Times Square Ball Drop is a televised event that connects people worldwide, ushering in the new year with a sense of unity.


Throughout history, the Times Square celebration has persevered, even during challenging times, symbolizing resilience and hope.