The Type of Coffee You Should Order, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Thanks to the influence of your ruling planet Mars, along with your fire sign nature, you're confident in the choices you make and are not afraid to step outside your comfort zone.


You like the sweet life, Taurus. Earthy and practical by nature, you're the type to take the leisurely path, and you certainly don't feel the need to prove you're the best at something.


You like to keep busy and tend to pack your social calendar to the brim, spreading yourself too thin.


You like to indulge in things that remind you of your childhood, old friends, or anything else that strikes a sentimental chord.


The outgoing scene stealer of the zodiac needs a drink to match. Your fire sign energy means you like to try out new things and set trends.


People may call you a perfectionist, but you prefer to think of yourself as a person of refined taste.


A vanilla or rose-flavored beverage is palatable and decadent enough to suit Libra's exquisite tastes," says Atlas.


Intense Scorpio gets deep when it comes to the things you care about most, whether it's your career, hobbies, or romantic relationships.


As an adventurous and fun-loving fire sign, Sagittarius thrives in unexpected situations and can go with the flow.


Practical, organized, and ambitious, you like to keep things straight and to the point.


Imaginative Aquarius likes to think outside the box. You'll express your unique perspectives any chance you get, and you encourage others to embrace their eccentricities as well.


You're the dreamer of the zodiac, Pisces, constantly seeking stimulation and variety in life.