The Passionate Fans Who Fuel the Philadelphia Eagles

The 12th Man

Philadelphia Eagles fans are often referred to as the team's "12th man," reflecting their impact as an integral part of the game.

Tailgating Traditions

Passionate fans engage in vibrant tailgating traditions, turning the parking lots surrounding Lincoln Financial Field into a sea of green and creating a festive pre-game atmosphere.

Iconic Chants

The Eagles' fight song, "Fly Eagles Fly," echoes through the stadium, uniting fans in spirited chants that resonate with the team's storied history.

Home Field

Lincoln Financial Field becomes a fortress with a palpable home-field advantage, fueled by the unwavering support of the passionate Eagles faithful.

Loyalty Through

Eagles fans demonstrate unwavering loyalty through both triumphs and challenges, showcasing resilience and dedication to the team.

Eagles Community

The Eagles' fanbase extends globally, creating a tight-knit community connected by a shared passion for the team.

Memorable Fan

Fans contribute to memorable moments, such as the "Philly Special" celebration and creating a "Green Out" effect in the stadium.

Social Media Fervor

The passionate Eagles fanbase is active on social media, engaging in discussions, sharing experiences, and amplifying the team's presence in the digital landscape.


Generations of Eagles fandom are passed down, creating a legacy of support that transcends familial ties.