The Best Times Square Ball Drops of the Year

New Year's Eve

anticipated Times Square Ball Drop occurs on New Year's Eve, marking the transition to a new year with dazzling lights, music, and a massive crowd celebration.

Independence Day

Experience the patriotic Times Square Ball Drop on Independence Day, a spectacular event featuring red, white, and blue lights, celebrating the nation's birthday.

Thanksgiving Eve

Witness the unique Thanksgiving Eve Ball Drop, a prelude to the holiday season, combining festive decorations with gratitude and anticipation.

New Year's Day

Extend the celebration into New Year's Day with a special morning ball drop, offering a refreshing start to the first day of the year.

Summer Solstice

Celebrate the longest day of the year with a vibrant Summer Solstice Ball Drop, capturing the spirit of the season with extended daylight and lively festivities.

Halloween Countdown

Embrace the spookiness of Halloween with a themed Times Square Ball Drop, featuring eerie lights, costumes, and a countdown to the bewitching hour.

Valentine's Day

Experience the romantic side of Times Square with a Valentine's Day Ball Drop, transforming the iconic location into a symbol of love and connection.

Broadway Anniversary

Broadway's anniversary with a Times Square Ball Drop dedicated to the world of theater, showcasing the bright lights and glamour of the Broadway district.

Earth Day

Participate in an environmentally conscious Times Square Ball Drop on Earth Day, highlighting sustainability and green initiatives to promote awareness and action.