Philadelphia Eagles' Top Picks to Watch in 2024

Breakout Rookies

Keep an eye on the Eagles' promising rookie class, as these young talents are poised to make a significant impact on both sides of the ball.

Continued Dominance

The team's star quarterback, known for their exceptional skills, is expected to maintain a high level of performance and lead the offense with precision.

Dynamic Wide

Watch for the dynamic wide receivers who are set to create explosive plays and contribute to the team's aerial attack.

Defensive Playmakers

The Eagles' defensive unit boasts playmakers ready to disrupt opponents, showcasing stellar performances in tackles, sacks, and turnovers.

Emerging Running

Keep an eye on the emerging running backs, as they aim to carry the ground game and provide a versatile threat to opposing defenses.

Special Teams

Standout players on special teams will play a crucial role, impacting field position and delivering game-changing moments.

Veteran Leadership

Veteran leaders within the team will guide and inspire, bringing experience and steadiness to key situations on and off the field.

Versatile Tight Ends

The Eagles' versatile tight ends are expected to play a dual role, contributing both as reliable blockers and as targets in the passing game.

Impactful Defensive

Keep an eye on the Eagles' defensive backs, known for their ball-hawking skills and ability to shut down opposing passing attacks.