Philadelphia Eagles' Top Picks to Watch in 2024

Rising Stars

Keep an eye on the Philadelphia Eagles' roster for emerging talents who are poised to become the next generation of stars in the NFL.

Dynamic Quarterback

Watch the team's dynamic quarterback, a key playmaker with the potential to lead the Eagles to offensive excellence in the upcoming season.

Defensive Standouts

Identify standout defensive players who are expected to make a significant impact, contributing to the team's resilience and dominance on the field.

Rookie Sensations

Explore the potential of rookie sensations who bring fresh energy and skills to the team, making their mark in their debut NFL season.


Keep an eye on wide receivers who are poised for a breakout season, adding excitement to the Eagles' offensive plays.

Line Dominance

Follow the offensive line, a crucial component for the team's success, as they strive for dominance in protecting the quarterback and creating opportunities for the run game.

Teams Excellence

Highlight players making waves in special teams, contributing to field position and providing game-changing moments in crucial situations.

Coaching Innovations

Observe coaching innovations that enhance the team's strategy and performance, showcasing a forward-thinking approach to the game.

Versatile Playmakers

Identify versatile playmakers who excel in multiple roles, bringing adaptability and unpredictability to the Eagles' game plan.