Paula Abdul's Most Iconic Music Videos Ranked

Opposites Attract

Explore the innovative and award-winning music video that featured Abdul's animated dance duet with the iconic cartoon character MC Skat Kat.

Straight Up

Uncover the video that helped propel Paula Abdul to stardom, showcasing her exceptional dance skills and setting a benchmark for stylish and energetic music visuals.

Cold Hearted

Dive into the sultry and visually stunning video for "Cold Hearted," praised for its choreography and Abdul's captivating presence, earning critical acclaim.

Forever Your Girl

Explore the video that accompanied the title track of Abdul's debut album, capturing the essence of the late '80s with its vibrant colors and upbeat choreography.

Rush, Rush

Witness the cinematic and romantic video for "Rush, Rush," featuring Keanu Reeves, which showcased Abdul's versatility and storytelling prowess.

Promise of a New Day

Experience the uplifting and visually appealing video for "The Promise of a New Day," highlighting Abdul's positive energy and dance-pop sensibilities.


Delve into the futuristic and high-energy video for "Vibeology," showcasing Abdul's commitment to pushing creative boundaries in her music visuals.

Knocked Out

Explore one of Paula Abdul's early hits, "Knocked Out," and its accompanying video, reflecting the vibrant and lively atmosphere of the late '80s.

My Love Is for Real

Witness the exotic and visually rich video for "My Love Is for Real," featuring Abdul's collaboration with Israeli singer Ofra Haza, blending different cultural elements.