Miami Dolphins 2024 Season Preview: Key Players and Predictions

Tua Tagovailoa

as he enters the 2024 season with heightened expectations. His growth and performance will heavily influence the Dolphins' success.

Offensive Weaponry

With a diverse set of offensive weapons, including star receiver Jaylen Waddle and emerging talents, the Dolphins aim to create a dynamic and explosive offensive attack.

Defensive Anchors

Key defensive players, such as linebacker Jerome Baker and cornerback Xavien Howard, provide stability and playmaking ability to ensure a formidable defensive unit.

Coaching Impact

Head coach Brian Flores continues to make a significant impact, implementing strategic game plans and fostering a winning culture within the Dolphins organization.

Rookie Impact

The contribution of impactful rookies, particularly those from the 2024 draft class, is anticipated to add depth and energy to both sides of the ball.

AFC East Battles

In a competitive AFC East, the Dolphins will face tough divisional battles, including matchups against traditional rivals, influencing their playoff positioning.

Special Teams

The Dolphins' commitment to special teams excellence, led by standout kicker Jason Sanders, is expected to play a pivotal role in crucial game situations.

Home Field Advantage

Leveraging the advantage of Hard Rock Stadium, the Dolphins aim to make their home field a fortress, capitalizing on the passionate support of their fans.

Playoffs Aspirations

With a talented roster and high expectations, the Dolphins aspire to secure a playoff berth and make a deep postseason run in the 2024 NFL season.