LSU Tigers Football: Ranking the Top 10 Players to Watch in 2024

Derek Stingley

As a standout cornerback, Stingley's exceptional coverage skills and playmaking ability make him a player to watch in 2024.

Max Johnson

Emerging as a pivotal quarterback, Johnson's poise and playmaking abilities make him a key figure for the Tigers' offensive strategy.

Kayshon Boutte

Boutte's dynamic skills as a wide receiver, coupled with his speed and reliability, position him as a player to keep a close eye on.

Ali Gaye

Gaye's prowess as a defensive end, providing a formidable pass-rushing threat, makes him a force on the defensive side.

Cordale Flott

Flott's contributions as a cornerback, showcasing versatility and strong coverage skills, elevate him as a defensive standout.

Andre Anthony 

Anthony's role as a skilled linebacker, contributing with tackles and disruptive plays, adds depth to the Tigers' defensive lineup.


As a key running back, Davis-Price's versatility and ability to gain critical yards position him as a player to watch in the backfield.

Eli Ricks

Ricks, another talented cornerback, with coverage skills and playmaking instincts, contributes significantly to the Tigers' secondary.

Mason Smith

Smith's impact as a defensive tackle, disrupting opposing offenses and showcasing strength, solidifies his spot as a player to watch.