Kathy Griffin's Top Comedy Specials That Will Leave You in Stitches"

Kathy Griffin

Explore Kathy Griffin's Emmy Award-winning reality show, offering a humorous glimpse into her life as a self-proclaimed D-lister.

Suddenly Susan

Laugh along with Griffin's character Vicki Groener in the hit sitcom "Suddenly Susan," showcasing her comedic timing and wit.

A Hell of a Story

Delve into Griffin's stand-up special, "A Hell of a Story," where she shares hilarious anecdotes and reflects on the aftermath of her controversial photoshoot.

Strong Black Woman

Enjoy Griffin's comedy special as she fearlessly tackles taboo topics with her signature irreverence, proving why she's considered a comedy trailblazer.

Calm Down Gurrl

Experience the uproarious "Calm Down Gurrl," where Griffin fearlessly skewers pop culture, celebrity antics, and her own experiences.

Record Breaker

Witness Griffin break records in her energetic and side-splitting special, showcasing her knack for keeping audiences entertained.

Everybody Can Suck It

Embrace Griffin's unapologetic humor in "Everybody Can Suck It," where she fearlessly takes on societal norms and celebrity culture.

Like a Boss

Join Griffin as she asserts her comedic prowess "Like a Boss," delivering sharp commentary on fame, fortune, and the absurdities of Hollywood.

The D-List

Step back to where it all began with "The D-List," Griffin's early special that laid the foundation for her unique comedic style.

Balls of Steel

Laugh your way through "Balls of Steel," where Griffin fearlessly tackles contemporary issues and showcases her unfiltered, comedic brilliance.