Kathy Griffin's Feuds: Who Has She Clashed With Over the Years?


Kathy Griffin, known for her candid nature, has engaged in several public feuds throughout her career, often fueled by her outspoken personality.

Donald Trump

Griffin's most notorious feud was with Donald Trump after a controversial photoshoot, resulting in widespread criticism and damage to her career.

Ellen DeGeneres

Griffin had a public falling out with Ellen DeGeneres, citing differences in their approaches to comedy and their interactions in the entertainment industry.

Andy Cohen

A longstanding feud exists between Griffin and Andy Cohen, with Griffin accusing Cohen of treating her poorly and perpetuating a toxic work environment.

Amber Rose

Griffin clashed with Amber Rose on social media over differing opinions on feminism, sparking a heated exchange about their perspectives on the movement.

Joan Rivers

Before Rivers' passing, she and Griffin had a feud stemming from professional disagreements and differences in comedic style, although they later reconciled.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Griffin had a heated exchange with Elisabeth Hasselbeck on "The View," where they clashed over political and social issues, highlighting their opposing viewpoints.

Lance Bass

A feud emerged between Griffin and Lance Bass over financial matters related to a joint business venture, leading to legal disputes.

Ryan Seacrest

Griffin's professional relationship with Ryan Seacrest became strained, with Griffin expressing dissatisfaction with their working dynamic and Seacrest responding to the criticism.

Her Own Family

Griffin has had public disputes with members of her family, discussing personal matters on social media and in interviews, leading to strained relationships.