Just Declared 9 Species of Animals Extinct

Tragic Loss

Witness the heartbreaking extinction of the iconic Pinta Island Tortoise, marking the end of an era for this once majestic species.

Vanishing Act

Explore the somber reality as the vibrant blue Spix's Macaw succumbs to extinction, leaving a void in the avian kingdom.

Silent Skies

Reflect on the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon, a species that once painted the skies with its massive flocks but now exists only in history.

Gone Forever

Delve into the disappearance of the Western Black Rhinoceros, highlighting the urgent need for conservation efforts to protect other vulnerable species.

Final Flight

Uncover the tragic tale of the Guam Kingfisher, as its vibrant colors fade into memory.

Fading Roar

Explore the extinction of the South China Tiger, once a symbol of strength and power, now a reminder of the threats faced by big cat species.

Last Ripples

Dive into the demise of the Tecopa Pupfish, a small but significant species, underscoring the fragility of unique aquatic ecosystems.

Quiet Waters

Witness the silent disappearance of the Golden Toad, emphasizing the global impact of amphibian declines and the need for conservation measures.

Eternal Twilight

Confront the extinction of the Bramble Cay Melomys, a small rodent, symbolizing the vulnerability of island species in the face of habitat loss and climate change.