How to Make the Most of Your Miami Dolphins Experience

Attend Home Games

Immerse yourself in the ultimate Dolphins experience by attending thrilling home games at Hard Rock Stadium, where the energy is contagious.

Tailgate Traditions

Participate in the vibrant tailgate traditions, enjoying the pre-game festivities with fellow fans and creating lasting memories.

Embrace Aqua

Show your team pride by donning the iconic aqua and orange colors, whether it's jerseys, hats, or accessories, adding to the vibrant game-day atmosphere.

Miami Vice Game

Celebrate special occasions with the team by embracing the Miami Vice-inspired alternate uniforms, adding a stylish and unique touch to game days.

Fan Communities

Connect with the passionate Dolphins fan community, both locally and online, sharing experiences, insights, and collective enthusiasm for the team.

Miami Culture

Immerse yourself in Miami's rich culture before and after games, exploring local attractions, cuisine, and soaking in the city's vibrant ambiance.

Social Media

Stay connected through social media platforms, engaging in discussions, and following the Dolphins for behind-the-scenes content and updates.

Charitable Initiatives

Get involved in the Dolphins' charitable initiatives, supporting community causes and contributing to the positive impact the team has on the local area.

Memorable Moments

Capture and share your memorable Dolphins moments, whether it's a game-winning play, a spirited tailgate, or encounters with fellow fans.