How to Connect with Harvard President Claudine Gay

University Events

Participate in university events where President Claudine Gay might be present, offering opportunities for direct interaction.

Campus Engagements

Attend campus engagements, such as lectures, forums, or community events where President Gay is likely to engage with the Harvard community.

Media Platforms

Connect with President Gay on social media platforms, engaging in discussions, and staying updated on her activities and insights.

Leadership Forums

Participate in leadership forums or discussions where President Gay may share her perspectives and engage with the audience.

Alumni Networks

Leverage alumni networks and events, providing occasions to connect with President Claudine Gay and fellow Harvard alumni.

University Committees

Join university committees or groups where President Gay is involved, fostering direct engagement and collaboration.

Office Hours

Explore the possibility of attending President Gay's office hours, providing a formal avenue for one-on-one discussions and questions.

Public Lectures

Attend public lectures delivered by President Gay, gaining insights into her leadership approach and vision for Harvard.

Networking Opportunities

Seize networking opportunities at Harvard and affiliated events, facilitating connections with President Claudine Gay and other community members.