History and Traditions of Times Square Ball Drop Revealed

Origins in 1907

The Times Square Ball Drop tradition originated in 1907 when The New York Times organized a New Year's Eve event to celebrate their new headquarters.

The First Ball

The inaugural ball was a modest 700-pound iron and wood sphere adorned with 100 light bulbs.

Evolution of Design

Times Square Ball has undergone significant transformations, with the current version featuring Waterford crystal panels and state-of-the-art LED technology.

Symbolic Time Capsule

A tradition involves placing a time capsule inside the ball, containing messages and wishes from people around the world, adding a symbolic touch to the celebration.

Global Icon

The Times Square Ball Drop has become a global icon, symbolizing the passage of time and collective optimism as people worldwide welcome the new year.

Weather Resilience

Designed to withstand various weather conditions, the ball ensures a flawless descent regardless of rain, snow, or wind.


In 2008, the Times Square Ball transitioned to energy-efficient LED lights, showcasing a commitment to sustainability.

Live Entertainment

The celebration includes live musical performances, adding an entertainment element to the festivities and enhancing the overall experience.

Worldwide Broadcast

The Times Square Ball Drop is broadcast globally, allowing millions of people to participate in the celebration from the comfort of their homes.