From Dean to President: How Claudine Gay Prepared for Harvard's Top Job

Academic Foundation

Explore Claudine Gay's early academic journey, laying the groundwork for her future leadership roles.

Notable Dean

Highlight key dean positions held by Claudine Gay, showcasing her progression through various academic leadership roles.

Career Moves

Examine Claudine Gay's strategic career decisions that positioned her for top leadership roles at Harvard.


Delve into Claudine Gay's notable academic achievements, demonstrating her expertise and contributions to scholarship.


Understand Claudine Gay's dedication to diversity, a core value that played a significant role in her journey to the top.


Explore Claudine Gay's research and publications, showcasing her intellectual contributions and thought leadership.


Highlight Claudine Gay's networking and collaborations, emphasizing the importance of connections in her career trajectory.

Vision for Harvard

Uncover Claudine Gay's vision for Harvard, illustrating how her leadership aligns with the institution's goals.

Leadership Transition

Witness the seamless transition from dean to president, showcasing how Claudine Gay's preparation paved the way for Harvard's top job.