Fly High with the Philadelphia Eagles: 5 Must-Visit Tailgate Spots for Game Day

Eagles Nest Tailgate

the Eagles Nest Tailgate Zone offers a vibrant pre-game experience with live music, fan contests, and an electric atmosphere that sets the tone for the day.

Liberty Grill

the Liberty Grill & Chill Patio is the perfect spot for fans seeking a laid-back yet spirited tailgate experience, complete with grill favorites and refreshing beverages.

Green Legion

the Green Legion Tailgate is a massive gathering featuring DJs, celebrity appearances, and an array of tailgating games, creating an energetic pre-game buzz.

Eagles Fanatics

the Eagles Fanatics Haven boasts team memorabilia, themed decorations, and a community of passionate supporters, creating an immersive experience that celebrates the team's history.

Philly Phoodie

the Philly Phoodie Feast offers a diverse array of Philadelphia's iconic dishes, providing a unique tailgate experience filled with local flavors and delicacies.