Fan's Guide to Philadelphia Eagles: History and Traditions

Founding Years

Founded in 1933, the Philadelphia Eagles embarked on a journey that would etch their name in NFL history.

Iconic Uniforms

The team's iconic midnight green uniforms replaced the traditional Kelly Green in the mid-1990s, symbolizing a modern era for the Eagles.

Veterans Stadium

The memories of Veterans Stadium, the Eagles' former home, echo with historic plays, fan devotion, and the unforgettable "Fourth and 26" moment.

Lincoln Financial

Since 2003, Lincoln Financial Field has been the vibrant home of the Eagles, witnessing unforgettable moments and passionate fan support.

The Buddy Ryan

The late 1980s witnessed the Buddy Ryan era, known for a fierce defense and the electrifying "Gang Green" unit that captured fan enthusiasm.

Philly Special Magic

The "Philly Special" trick play in Super Bowl LII became an iconic moment, symbolizing the Eagles' resilience and willingness to take risks on the grandest stage.

Tailgating Tradition

Eagles fans are renowned for their passionate tailgating traditions, creating a lively and festive atmosphere before each home game.

Ring of Honor

The Eagles' Ring of Honor celebrates legendary figures who have made enduring contributions to the team's history, immortalizing their legacy.

Fly Eagles Fly

The team's fight song, "Fly Eagles Fly," echoes through the stadium, uniting fans in a powerful display of solidarity and team spirit.