Exploring the World of Rainbow Sandals.

Brand Heritage

Rainbow Sandals, founded in 1972 in Laguna Beach, California, have a rich heritage rooted in surf culture and the laid-back Californian lifestyle.


Renowned for their quality, Rainbow Sandals are handcrafted with precision, using premium leather and unique design techniques for long-lasting comfort.

Signature Rainbow

A distinctive feature of Rainbow Sandals is their rainbow-colored, woven nylon straps, adding a pop of color and character to the design.

Comfort and Support

Rainbow Sandals are celebrated for their excellent arch support and comfortable fit, often requiring a break-in period to mold to the individual wearer's feet.

Variety of Styles

The brand offers a variety of styles, including single and double-layered soles, catering to different preferences and activities.

Eco-Friendly Options

Committed to sustainability, Rainbow Sandals provides eco-friendly choices, incorporating materials like hemp and recycled materials in some of their models.

Cultural Icon

Embraced by surfers, beachgoers, and fashion enthusiasts alike, Rainbow Sandals have become a cultural icon, symbolizing a carefree and outdoor lifestyle.

Global Appeal

With their timeless design and comfort, Rainbow Sandals have gained popularity globally, transcending borders and becoming a symbol of relaxed, coastal living.

Positive Brand

Rainbow Sandals have cultivated a positive brand image, known for their commitment to quality, comfort, and the free-spirited essence of Southern California.

Continued Innovation

The brand continues to innovate, introducing new styles and materials, ensuring that Rainbow Sandals remain a relevant and beloved choice in the ever-evolving world of footwear.