Everything You Need to Know About Rainbow Sandals.


Rainbow Sandals originated in 1972 in Laguna Beach, California, founded by Jay "Sparky" Longley.


Known for their durability, Rainbow Sandals are handmade with premium leather and a unique memory foam midsole for a comfortable fit.

Signature Rainbow

he distinctive feature of Rainbow Sandals is their rainbow-colored, woven nylon straps that add a pop of color to the design.

Arch Support

Rainbow Sandals are renowned for their excellent arch support, making them comfortable for long walks and outdoor activities.

Break-In Period

Many wearers appreciate the break-in period during which the sandals mold to the contours of the feet, ensuring a personalized fit.


Some Rainbow Sandal models are water-friendly, suitable for beach outings and water activities.


Rainbow Sandals offers eco-friendly options, such as hemp and recycled materials, aligning with a commitment to sustainability.

Variety of Styles

Rainbow Sandals come in various styles, including single and double-layered soles, offering options for different preferences and needs.

Popular Models

Notable models include the classic Single Layer Premier Leather, Double Layer Classic Leather, and Eastcape.

Cultural Icon

Rainbow Sandals have become a cultural icon, synonymous with laid-back California style and embraced by individuals seeking comfort, quality, and a touch of colorful expression in their footwear.