Claudine Gay's Departure: Impact on Harvard's Future and Reputation


Examine Harvard University's response to the unexpected resignation of Claudine Gay, delving into the institution's initial reactions and subsequent actions.

Official Statements

Explore the official statements released by Harvard in response to Claudine Gay's resignation, shedding light on the university's stance.


Analyze the perspective of Harvard's Board of Trustees, understanding their role in the decision-making process and their sentiments regarding Gay's departure.


Discover the interim leadership appointments made by Harvard following Claudine Gay's resignation.


Evaluate Harvard's communication strategies in addressing the resignation, considering how the university managed public perception.


Examine any community engagement initiatives implemented by Harvard to address concerns.

Institutional Goals

Assess the potential impact of Claudine Gay's resignation on Harvard's institutional goals, exploring how the university plans to navigate.

Donor Relations

Investigate Harvard's approach to maintaining positive relations with alumni and donors in light of the leadership change.

Leadership Search

Explore Harvard's plans for the future leadership search, understanding the criteria and process the university intends to follow in selecting a new president.