Behind the Wheel with Gil de Ferran: A Racing Icon's Perspective

Racing Passion Unveiled

Join Gil de Ferran behind the wheel as he unveils the deep-seated passion for racing that fueled his remarkable career.

Precision in Driving

Gain insights into de Ferran's driving techniques, understanding the precision and skill that defined his approach on the track.

Oval Racing Mastery

Experience de Ferran's mastery on oval tracks, exploring the unique challenges and strategies he employed to excel in this specialized form of racing.

Strategies for Success

Go behind the scenes as de Ferran shares the strategic mindset that contributed to his consistent success and championship victories.

Thrill of Indianapolis 500

Feel the adrenaline of the Indianapolis 500 through de Ferran's perspective, reliving the iconic moments that marked a pinnacle in his racing career.

Endurance Racing

Navigate the world of endurance racing with de Ferran, understanding the physical and mental demands of racing for prolonged periods and achieving triumph at Le Mans.

Formula One Challenges

Step into the challenges of Formula One alongside de Ferran, exploring the intensity and competition at the highest echelon of motorsports.

Team Ownership

Witness de Ferran's transition to team ownership, gaining insights into the dynamics and responsibilities that come with leading a racing team.

Mentorship Philosophy

Discover de Ferran's philosophy on mentorship, as he reflects on guiding and nurturing the talents of emerging racers within the motorsports community.

Legacy Beyond 

Conclude the journey behind the wheel with Gil de Ferran by exploring his enduring legacy beyond the cockpit, highlighting the multifaceted impact he has had on the world of racing.