A Look Back at the Most Memorable Times Square Ball Drops

Inaugural Celebration

The first Times Square Ball Drop in 1907 marked the inception of a century-old tradition, setting the stage for countless memorable moments.

Y2K New Year's Eve

The turn of the millennium brought an electrifying atmosphere, as the Times Square Ball Drop became a symbol of global hope and anticipation.

Post-9/11 Resilience

In 2002, the Ball Drop took on added significance, embodying resilience and unity in the face of the post-9/11 landscape.

LED Revolution

The introduction of the LED-lit ball in 2008 revolutionized the visual spectacle, transforming the event into a dazzling display of lights.

Environmental Theme

The 2014 Ball Drop, themed around environmental sustainability, showcased a growing awareness of global issues within the celebration.

Centennial Celebration

The centennial celebration in 2007 marked a historic milestone, underscoring the enduring popularity and cultural significance of the event.

Virtual Celebration

Amidst the global pandemic, the virtual celebration of 2021 symbolized resilience, using technology to connect people in spirit despite physical distance.


Memorable performances by renowned artists over the years added star power to the festivities, creating unforgettable entertainment moments.

Without a Ball Drop

During World War II, the Ball Drop was put on hold, making the resumption in 1944 a poignant and memorable occasion.