A Guide to the Miami Dolphins' History and Culture

Founding Years

Founded in 1966, the Miami Dolphins quickly became a prominent NFL franchise, representing the vibrant city of Miami.

Perfect Season

The Dolphins etched their name in history with the only perfect season in 1972, going 17-0, including a Super Bowl victory.

Orange Identity

The iconic aqua and orange color scheme represents the spirit of Miami, creating a distinctive and recognizable team identity.

Dan Marino Era

The Dan Marino era in the '80s and '90s witnessed prolific passing, records, and an enduring legacy for the Hall of Fame quarterback.

No-Name Defense

The "No-Name Defense" of the 1970s was a collective force that played a pivotal role in the team's championship success.

Inspired Uniforms

The team's Miami Vice-inspired alternate uniforms add a stylish and cultural touch, celebrating the city's influence on the team.

Stadium Legacy

Hard Rock Stadium, the team's home, is a place where the Dolphins' history continues to unfold, with unforgettable moments and fan traditions.

Coaching Dynasty

Don Shula's 26-season coaching dynasty set the standard for excellence, instilling a culture that defines the Dolphins to this day.

Community Engagement

The Dolphins actively engage with the community through charitable initiatives, making a positive impact beyond the football field.