A Beginner's Guide to Cheering on LSU Football

the Purple and Gold

Start by donning LSU's iconic colors, purple and gold, to show your team spirit.

Learn the Fight Song

Familiarize yourself with the LSU Fight Song, "Fight for LSU," and join in the cheers to amplify the stadium atmosphere.

Geaux Tigers Chant

Master the famous "Geaux Tigers" chant – a rallying cry that unites fans in support of the team.

Understand Tiger Bait

"Tiger Bait" is a spirited chant directed at opposing teams. Learn when and how to use it to contribute to the electric atmosphere.

Tailgating Traditions

Participate in the vibrant tailgating culture, enjoying Cajun cuisine, music, and camaraderie with fellow fans.

Key Rivalries

Know the significance of rivalries, especially against teams like Alabama and Florida, to intensify your passion for LSU.

Cheers for Big Plays

Learn specific cheers for touchdowns, interceptions, and other big plays to actively engage during critical moments.

Stay Updated

Stay informed about the team's current roster, key players, and upcoming matchups to enhance your understanding and appreciation for the game.

Watch Parties

Whenever possible, attend games at Tiger Stadium or join watch parties to share the experience with fellow fans.