5 Must-See Tom Wilkinson Movies: Unforgettable Performances Across Genres

The Full Monty

Tom Wilkinson's versatility shines in this British comedy-drama, portraying Gerald, a character navigating the challenges of unemployment. His performance adds depth.

In the Bedroom

Witness Wilkinson's gripping portrayal of Matt Fowler, a grieving father seeking justice. This intense drama earned him an Academy Award nomination, showcasing his ability.

Michael Clayton

In this legal thriller, Wilkinson plays Arthur Edens, a lawyer grappling with a crisis of conscience. His nuanced performance earned acclaim, contributing to the film's critical.

The Ghost Writer

Wilkinson's involvement in this political thriller adds a layer of mystery and intrigue. His role as Professor Paul Emmett showcases his ability to captivate audiences in suspenseful.

Exotic Marigold Hotel

Enjoy Wilkinson's charm and warmth in this heartwarming comedy-drama. As Graham Dashwood, he brings a delightful presence to the ensemble cast, making the film a memorable.


Experience Wilkinson's compelling performance as President Lyndon B. Johnson in this powerful historical drama. His portrayal adds authenticity to the film's depiction.

Eternal Sunshine

In this unique romantic sci-fi film, Wilkinson's role as Dr. Mierzwiak contributes to the complex narrative. His involvement adds an emotional layer to the exploration of love.

The Best Offer

Wilkinson's role as Billy Whistler in this Italian romantic drama showcases his ability to excel in international productions. The film explores themes of love and deception.

Suspenseful Thrills

Watch Wilkinson in a supporting role as Henrik Vanger in this gripping mystery thriller. His contribution to the film's intricate plot enhances the overall viewing experience.