10 Steps to Take After a Japan Earthquake

Ensure Personal Safety

Immediately after the earthquake, prioritize your safety by taking cover and assessing potential hazards in your surroundings.

Check for Injuries

Carefully check yourself and others for injuries. Administer first aid as necessary and seek professional medical help for severe injuries.

Monitor Aftershocks

Stay vigilant for aftershocks, which may follow the initial earthquake. Be prepared to drop, cover, and hold on as needed.


Establish communication with family and friends to confirm your well-being. Use text messages or social media to conserve phone battery and network resources.

Follow Official Guidance

Stay tuned to official sources for post-earthquake instructions and safety advisories. Follow evacuation orders or other guidance from local authorities.

Evacuation Planning

If required, execute your evacuation plan. Move to higher ground if near the coast, and use designated evacuation routes to reach safe zones.

Emergency Supplies

Retrieve your emergency kit for essentials like water, food, flashlight, and first aid supplies. Use these resources judiciously until normal services are restored.

Building Safety

Assess the structural integrity of your immediate surroundings. Evacuate damaged buildings and stay away from unstable structures.

Stay Informed

Continue to monitor reliable news sources for updates on the situation, including transportation status, emergency services, and other critical information.