10 Items You Should Never Pay Full Price For


The double whammy of Christmas and New Year's Eve means winemakers fight for market share by slashing prices, especially if you buy in bulk with a case or two.

Broadway Musical 

It's a curtain-raising nail-biter: log onto a reselling app, like StubHub, an hour or so before showtime, and the scalpers'

Gift Cards

Buy these secondhand or at a trading site like GiftCardGranny, where unwanted giftcards are offered for resale at lower than face value.

Small Electronics

The Japanese fiscal year ends on March 31, so expect Sony and company to dump older models at firesale prices as soon as the accounts are closed in April. Shopping for a camera?


The 10 to 20 percent discount on last year's model begins in September, when this year's crop of cars arrives on the lot—and dealers need to make room.


These are bulky for home improvement centers to store, so as soon as summer's over in early September, expect them to be discounted to sell rather than stash over the long winter months


Implausible as it sounds, cell companies like T-Mobile often used Valentine's Day as an excuse to promote two-for-one or couples' deals. Haggle hard, especially if switching carriers

Gym Memberships

Renegotiate that gym membership in summer, when the amateurs and newbies have forgotten that New Year's resolution and classes are least congested.


Ever dreamed of owning your own yacht (or at least a skiff)? Plan ahead for off-season, or Q1, when the boat shows take place:

Office Supplies

Even if you're over 18, you can benefit from back to school sales in August: pens, paper, and office basics should be discounted by 20 percent or more.