10 Ideas for Accessorizing with Attico Shoes

Statement Heels

Let your Attico statement heels steal the spotlight, making them the focal point of your outfit for a bold and trendy look.

Mix and Match

Experiment by mixing different textures in your accessories. Pair velvet shoes with leather or satin for a unique and luxurious combination.

Monochrome Magic

Achieve a sleek and polished look by coordinating your Attico shoes with the same color palette as your outfit for monochrome magic.

Ankle Strap Embrace

Embrace the elegance of ankle straps by letting them shine. Keep the rest of your accessories minimal to highlight the intricate design.

Playful Socks

Elevate your style by pairing your Attico sandals with playful and stylish socks, creating a fun and fashion-forward ensemble.

Bold Bag Pairings

Coordinate your handbag with your Attico shoes for a cohesive and sophisticated look, ensuring your accessories complement each other seamlessly.

Dainty Anklets

Enhance your footwear with dainty anklets that add a touch of femininity and subtle glamour to your Attico shoes.

Print Mixing

Go for a print-mixing extravaganza by pairing your Attico shoes with accessories featuring complementary or contrasting patterns.


Achieve harmony by pairing your Attico shoes with oversized sunglasses, creating a glamorous and cohesive aesthetic.